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Chromatic compass

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Acrylic on canvas with painted sides

50.8 x 87 x3.8 cm


Chromatic compass, a recent painting that encapsulates my passion for colour and geometry. Futuristic angles and vivid colours (including silver metallic paint) both collide into a striking composition. At first glance, this paintings seem static. Yet a dynamic sense of movement emerges from this work. Amidst a chaotic world, inner vision can guide the way into stillness. Like a lens leading us into to clarity.

I aimed to achieve a sense of psychological completeness, or Gestalt, in this creation, for silence to be the lasting impression. This final effect reflects my creative practice. There is a meditative, therapeutic element to my painting practice that I hope transpires from my art practice to the painting. The viewer is welcome into a world where paradoxes are resolved, reaping the benefits of a transcendental experience that leads to mindfulness

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