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Oil on canvas


1.45m x 1.45m


This artwork is part of my urban series. It is inspired by societal issues surrounding the urban environment. 

This large painting was created as a tribute to Wapping, a unique part of London that I call home.  

An industrial past well preserved among the skyscrapers, red bridges, docks, and basins.

Time is an elusive notion along the river, as past present and future coalesce into a single continuum.

Wildlife seems to thrive along the canals.

Yet this deceptively peaceful view of London was created at a time of crisis.

The rupture from Europe was dividing the nation.

Uncertainty arose, and complex emotions.

The threat to social integration, the rejection of old alliances,

All meant a leap into the unknown.

Turbulent times in an idyllic location,

Meant reframing the meaning of the word 'home'.


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