Artist Sonia Ben Achoura generates innovative works of art at the intersection between art and science. With a background in psychology, her fascination with human nature at the present stage of evolution (characterised by pervasive interaction with technology) manifests in geometric compositions with futuristic overtones. Art and science converge in her paintings as her distinctive vision unfolds throughout an extensive body of work. Her elaborate art vocabulary allows her to bring to life powerful conceptualisations of mental phenomena. These often take on the form of psychological icons, or templates.

Captivated by abstraction, her art nevertheless lies between the abstract and the figurative. The artist shapes light and colour as the basis for her compositions, which she executes in both oils and acrylics. Intimations of perfection, her paintings are born out of an interplay between light and matter. She creates a world of vivid colour, dynamic forms, and geometric perfection. The artist’s concern for our planet, in these times of climate change, is expressed in her paintings. She contemplates future outcomes in her works.

Inspired by academic research, science, or nature, her 2D works appear flat at first glance, yet reveal endless movement and depth  upon closer inspection.  The result is a sense of 'Gestalt',  a lasting sense of coherence and timelessness.

Sonia lives and works in London. She exhibits her work at galleries and international art fairs, and contributes regularly to publications.