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Artist biography

Sonia Ben Achoura originates from Paris, France. A multidisciplinary artist and psychologist, she was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci from an early age. Art and science converge in her paintings, manifesting in insightful explorations of mind and nature. Her career in fine art spans over two decades, with a distinctive body of work characterised by a vivid chromatic palette, a detailed execution, and a futuristic edge.


Her visual art practice focuses predominantly on geometric abstraction. An elaborate art vocabulary allows her to bring to life powerful conceptualisations of mental phenomena, informed by thorough research and synthesised through visionary imagination. These manifest in psychological icons, blueprints of the mind in a wide variety of media. 


A French artist based in London, she regularly exhibits my work at galleries and art fairs in Europe. She sells her paintings internationally and regularly contributes to publications. 

Artist statement


Multidisciplinary artist Sonia Ben Achoura generates innovative works of art at the intersection between art, science and society. With a background in psychology, she depicts her insights into the human psyche onto canvas. Her inspiration nevertheless emerges from a meditative place. Captivated by abstraction, her art lies between the abstract and the figurative, with an undeniable spiritual quality. A colourist at heart, the artist shapes light as the basis for her compositions.


Intimations of perfection, her paintings manifest to reflect an inner world of chromatic intensity, dynamic forms and geometric perfection. She uses a wide range of mediums to weave her emotive tales into an intense chromatic experience. These include acrylics, oils, spray paint, LEDs, projections, and video mapping. Her concern for the environment transpires in her work. She contemplates future outcomes for our world in her futuristic, yet timeless creations. Patterns of perfection emerge over the fabric of robotic geometry.


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