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This tryptic  was created over the course of a year as a meditation on the life of our planet. It was created with awe of its intense beauty, with reverance  towards its wellbeing, and as a prayer towards its sacredness.


The Future of Life


The Future of Earth


The Future of Justice

Technology and biology collide in this painting. A robotic conceptualisation of mankind, at the intersection between biological life and technology, this painting reconciles two worlds. At a time of climate emergency, it is a tribute to mysterious world of plants. Silent, vivid manifestations of life, they are embodiments of creativity, symbols of love. Deceptively fragile in appearance, orchids, bleeding hearts and jade vines cling on to life. At the centre of the painting, a man-made tunnel may be leading into oblivion. Yet it could also be a way into a more harmonious way of life. Sliding plates give a sense of perspective and rapid motion. As the speed of life accelerates, there is the need to protect delicate creatures in the wild.


Acrylic on canvas with deep edges

 W87 (x3) x H102cm

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