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1K today!!!

I have just reached 1000 follows on instagram, a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect, and thank everyone for your ongoing support.

I take these as a thousand signs that I am on the right path as I pursue my artistic dreams, manifesting them into vivid creations, one day at a time. This milestone only strengthens my conviction in my artistic vision, loving every minute of this profound meditative process. It has been a pleasure to meet art lovers worldwide as I continue to live and breathe my creative venture.

This has been an intense time in the studio; As I complete a brand new project incorporating light into artworks and installations, I look forward

to a new exhibition in the near future. Watch this space for updates! series of light paintings, I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Join me at:


Movements of Life

Acrylic on canvas board

60 x 80cm

72 x 91 cm - framed

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