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The Dream

The Dream

Mixed Media on canvas

123 x 123cm

The Dream is not a recent painting, yet it holds a special place in my heart. I created it upon graduation of my masters in psychology in the year 2010.

Not only did it represent my own process of self actualisation, but that of all women around the world. For all their daily displays of wisdom and courage, strenght and flexibiility, kindness and beauty. I dedicate it all the mothers, daughters, and sisters who sustain communities, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and wisdom. The life-sustaining stuff that flows through their veins brings about the next generation; they embody the future.

On this momentous day, let us remind ourselves that International Women's Day was initiated to reduce inequalities. The pandemic has done little in improving the rights of women around the world, and it is heart-breaking to witness the extreme hardship of women in war-torn countries. Among others, Yemen, Afganistan, and now Ukraine are experiencing unthinkable suffering. Supporting women invariably uplifts society.

Not only do women benefit, but entire communities. Their own individuation, the fulfilling of their individual potential, is everyone's concern.

As an artist, I value the privilege bestowed upon me. Few women in history have been able to cultivate the arts as I have done. Art connects people, improves the world by generating knowledge about the self, the world, and others. Art uplifts the world by encouraging debate and overcoming discrimination. Art highlights the value of equality.

My art practice is a rare gem that seldom falls into a woman's hands, and I treasure it everyday. Art is a meditation, a prayer that fosters freedom and happiness.

Today I dedicate it to my fellow sisters around the world.

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