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Digital Icon

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Mixed Media

Oil and Acrylic

60.5 x 60.5cm

with painted sides


Having explored iconography in its many expressions around the world, it seemed the time had come for a new kind imagery to our new world. I was compelled to create the series 'Iconography of the Future'. While religious icons guided people's beliefs in Medieval Europe through the scarce production of icons with massive social impact and spiritual content, the secular world generates vast amounts of imagery in a free, organic and ever-changing manner. No longer is there a single, standardized spiritual type of imagery guiding all people. This is was a turning point in the history of art. Limitless possibilities in styles, symbols, and chromatic diversity have now emerged to suit individual preferences in the digital era.

I wondered how iconography would have evolved had the Medieval tradition followed its trajectory. Today's iconography would have to be abstract enough to capture the collective psyche, yet devised for individuals to recognize themselves within it. A digital icon guiding humankind at a time of transition, growing out of religion and into a new secular phase. It encompasses the sacred Eastern mandala of meditation, a spiritual tool, a compass that centres the mind and helps navigate through the different dimensions of human existence (physical, mental, and spiritual). Dynamic yet still, this futuristic icon symbolizes a collective process at a time of unparalleled freedom.

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