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Future Icon

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Mixed media (oils and acrylics)

152.3 x 75.5 x 3.6cm


with painted sides

Part of my 'Future Iconography' series, this piece is among the largest. This is a painting full of paradoxes.

Stark yet vivid, it looks towards the past, yet envisages a hopeful future. With a symbol of intuitive vision at its core (an eye), it presents a mindful and timeless glance towards our history. Yet it looks towards the future and the potential for a world shaped by positive beliefs -rather than dogma; it reminds us our a future dependent on our choices at the present time. The lens at the core of its being propels us into that future.

This geometric painting appears flat, yet reveals depth upon closer inspection. From it emanates dynamic energy. It calms and focuses the mind, and simultaneously energises it. Its sharp lines convey a sense of futurism, yet its metallic colours instil the otherworldly spiritual stillness of religious icons.

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