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Human Eclipse

Updated: Dec 16, 2021


Mixed media (oil and acrylics) on canvas with deep edges

51 x 51 x 3 cm

Spring 2020.

A pandemic devastates the world.

An apocalyptic scenario that only science fiction had insinuated.

Human existence is eclipsed while nature is reborn.

Spring never seemed so vibrant, as isolation took over.

From the deepest silence emerged new art.

Images imbued with solitude and despair.

Like seeds of hope to grow a better future

Where man and nature

Walk hand in hand.

Intimations of a wise new world,

The potential to embrace all of life,

Rather than eclipse parts of it.

This painting reveals light from within.

Like a radiant moon in the dark sky

It illuminates itself,

Like a being that sustains its own life.

It seems most alive at night,

In the darkest of times.

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