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The Blank Slate

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Acrylic on Canvas 86 x 156cm

This painting portrays the dance of life in all its complexity. It is a celebration of the unique self, undiluted amidst the multitude. A myriad slates emerge from the lower section of the painting, yet a single slate dominates above, a symbol of the unique self, asserting the undeniable power of individuality. Rather than disappearing in the crowd, it emerges forcefully with a strong sense of perspective suggestive of its distant origins.

In sharp contrast with both columns of monochrome and angular slates, the fluid and seductive DNA double-helix rises. Ethereal and crystalline, the two intertwined strands are symbolic of human nature. In its fragile appearance, the DNA detracts from its earnest function for our species to adapt and survive beyond death and for eternity. Encoded within are the instructions for life, a code that encompasses the genetic and cultural inheritance from our most immediate relatives to our most distant ancestors. Individual patterns of life are added to existing DNA in a dynamic, endless process.

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