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The City in the Clouds

The City in the Clouds is a painting that has a special place in my heart.

It was created during lockdown, and is part of the series 'The Dreams of the World'.

A luminous painting created in the darkest of times

This painting was created during lockdown, as part of the series ‘The Dreams of the World’. It encapsulates the spirit of isolation. Never had there been such silence or solitude. In the deafening, the poignant sense that millions of people were isolated in their little flats, like little boxes, with no end in sight...

A city cut off from the world, lost in uncertainty, floating away in isolation. Millions of cities around the world, in isolation, suspended in the air, each on atheir cloud.

The City in the Clouds became, for me, the ultimate symbol of isolation...

Oil on canvas panel


Size of framed painting : H55 x W75cm

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