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The Rise of Consciousness

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


Oil on canvas with painted sides

H 76.5 x 86.5 x 4cm

Creativity and consciousness, two interrelated concepts. With its joyful chromatic composition, this painting captures the playfulness inherent in all creative processes. It is nonetheless a highly structured, reflecting the purposeful channelling of the spontaneous creative energy into complex and intellectual works of art.

Conscious and unconscious processes interact during the creative process. As creative impulses emerge from the unconscious, conscious processes intervene, using cognition to modify and integrate the elements into a completed artwork.

Initially, humans tap into the single, unified fabric of the universe to access information about the world. This happens at the neural level, as the atoms of the universe communicate with the atoms of the self, with no boundaries in between. Sensations form the building blocks of consciousness, giving rise to the awareness of existing in the world. Mental functions engage later stage in the process.

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