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Oil on canvas

61 x 91.3 x 2cm


Dreamtime is a tribute to all indigenous people and their rich artistic legacy. As the awareness of the interconnectedness of life on Earth increases around the world, this painting acknowledges their special connection with nature. In these times of turmoil, the contribution of indigenous people is more important than ever towards protecting our planet. At one with nature, the Earth is perceived as a Mother entity that sustains all beings through a web of life. A deep reverence for all life derives from this fundamental awareness of the origins of life, imbuing life with wisdom in every aspect of human existence. Human existence, when in harmony with nature, is a cosmic experience characterised by pure, direct, holistic perception.


The tree, totemic in its edifying presence, withstands the passage of time.

Monumental yet ethereal, it transcends the life of most species by centuries.

A transcendental symbol, the tree links heaven and earth.



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