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Statistical Realities

Acrylic on canvas

91 x 61 x 4 cm


Science has contributed to an increase in the accuracy of observations. As patterns emerge from data, inferences are drawn, allowing to catch glimpses of a future in which predictable factors interact with erratic phenomena.

This predictive ability would undoubtedly have been considered superhuman by primitive people for whom only a few privileged few including shamans or oracles were privileged enough to foresee the future. Statistics is the new ‘divinatory’ discipline. It has become an established research process in most fields of study, a widespread practice of collecting and analysing data. The findings obtained from these evidence-based protocols are then used to implement changes in policy and practice.

In rapidly changing contemporary societies, statistics have proved invaluable in observing and recording patterns of changes. As all aspects of society are guided by research. The methodological spectrum continues to widen, bringing about increasingly elegant insights. From correlation to Anova, mediation analysis to T-test, the numerical dance of frequencies on unfolds on graphs. Results are scrutinized. Were they caused by the experimental conditions, or was it chance? New insights into probability are gained every day, contributing to a more precise understanding of reality. Was it cause and effect? Or a rolling of the dice?

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