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The Climb of Life

76 x 61.7 x 3.5 cm

Oil on canvas


This is an image evocative of childhood memories, of summers imbued with fragrant honeysuckles climbing old walls that crumble with the weight of time. It also is a celebration of the breath-taking botanical diversity on Earth. As a botanical manifestation of life gives way to another, ascending purposefully towards the light, each variety displays its uniqueness. All are related, from European foxgloves to Asian orchids, through the extra-terrestrial looking passion flower. Each encapsulates the endless creativity of life in its random, purposeless dance. Each new variety adapting to its environment with elegant solutions, yet displaying refined aesthetics and unique scents. Swift to decay, flowers are the ultimate symbols of the transient nature of existence.

This painting differs from my usual style, with a design devoid of a central focus. In its upper section, both stems end in buds that reach towards each other in a suspended void. The question arises: How will the next generation manifest? Which form will it take?

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