The Journey of Timeship Earth

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Journey of Timeship Earth Acrylic on canvas 152.5 x 101.6cm


My first ever and most powerful experience of creating a painting. Executed over 2 intense months, I followed my vision into a world of images that speak. A clear vision came to mind: I followed it. The painting seemed to create himself, as if it had a life of its own: a complex, yet utterly coherent composition. Vivid yet stark, strong and soft elements seem to cohabit in its challenging architecture.

This painting continues to speak to me, in its own revelatory language; a language so rich and vivid, so charged with emotion, that I sometimes hear the voice of our planet, traveling through time and space. And within it, the voice of every species that has ever existed. Some are extinct, others still fighting, on this Earth, the mother of all of us...

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